Listopad 2011

New perspective

5. listopadu 2011 v 14:09 | Danger Zone |  All my drivel
Oh shh- ehm.. sure. I missed 31st October! It's a pitty because I always enjoy this day - especially Halloween. Does anyone celebrate it in the Czech Republic? I saw one little girl yesterday. She looked like a witch with pumpkin decorations on her dark dress and I totally loved her black wig with a few orange stripes. And now I'm considering the opportunity of chatting with one really great skater boy :D the only problem is "Why the hell would he want to talk to me?" okay.. I think my behaviour is rather stupid. Have I mentioned that I started listening to Panic! at the Dico? I've known them for a very long time but I had never discovered how amazing music they do. Lalala, have a nice day! :)