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8. října 2011 v 23:29 | Danger Zone |  All my drivel
Saturday is always time of fun and partying and so was mine today. My weekend is overcrowded with celebrations (dad's, lookfriend's) and I love it. The today's was super-duper. From eating so many kinds of food, meeting people, drinking wine, Jack Daniels whiskey and champagne to watching youtube videos and laughing out loudly. I had fun, yeah. But I'm a little bit sick now.. I've never thought writing in English could be this hard - I've got to make a lot of effort before I think out something which is appropriate and relatively publishable. But I have one news - I decided to take part in the FCE exams. I'm hesitating because it is quite expensive and I'm afraid my abilities aren't as good as it requires but I hope I will manage it. And - one of thoughts in my head - there is minimally one person who is (much) worse than me. Unfortunately and surprisigly it's my contemporary English teacher..(in fact she's got only bachelor's degree and continues with her studies) I don't want to be a nerd and slander anyone here but it totally drives me mad. You don't make a mistane in word information, do you? Using plural (informations) is for me forbidden - hey, for her isn't. Nobody in our English group, consisting of fourteen students, errs so much. I'm so disappointed and unhappy about it. I hope this unfinished business is going to reform.

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1 gag gag | 9. října 2011 v 10:18 | Reagovat

hejí, super weekend :)) my jsme lozily po obchodňácích no..xD  a koupily jsme si v KFC bezednou skleničku a vydržela nám dva dny..xD (seděly jsme tam třeba dvě hodiny a furt chlemtaly pepsi *-* a bavily se..a furt chodily na hajzly xDD)
hej jinak bych se moc o FCEčka nebála..s tvojí angličtinou O_o nevíš co já bych za to dala!:O
hej a s tou učitelkou.. sem slyšela, že se má tenhle měsíc vracet slováková o.o tak to bude v pohodě, ne?:)

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