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11. října 2011 v 22:50 | Danger Zone |  All my drivel
I did it. I sent a letter with my fce application form to the British Institute (does it anybody call like that?) in unnamed city. My life is revolving around vocabularies, phrases (and my rage against our E.teacher!!...actually I'm not sure if it's not despair) But I really like this kind of studying. Which reminds me that I got one in maths today *yahoo* But my pleasure won't last forever because we're writing one test in physics on Friday, one next week on Monday, literature on Mo, geography and German on Mo and that's probably all. But on Tuesday stand in line tests in Math and - wait - we've got just one test on Tue! :O Viva La Gloria! :D Gosh.. can't wait for weekend, I'm so tired -(maybe that means I should go to bed.) If I didn't go to bed so late yesterday, I would be fresh....obviously. Wraum - This article was meant to be about my character or something like that but how I can see plans have changed. Well I won't draw out end and finish - good night ^^

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