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Crazy pumpkin

23. října 2011 v 20:05 | Danger Zone |  All my drivel
Haha, what a beautiful weekend! I spent it whole at home with my textbook and a pen. I don't mind it because this kind oflook learning is rather hard but rewarding. And what is incredible - it fulfills me. I tried to write an essay which is my homework and I have to deliver it until Tuesday. But it was so stupid theme and I couldn't concentrate, so it didn't come out right. I absolutely missed the task and had to rewrite it today but I'm afraid I didn't improve it much. In addition, after a weekend just with English I feel like I cannot say even one word correctly. Shit. I should better go now.. see ya :D

Nee, vážně. Dneska je vážně divný den. Celý tento týden mě nějak zkolil a ani víkend už mi nepomůže si odpočinout :D těším se neskutečně na prázdniny. Konečně bude troška volna a snad i nějaký ten volný čas :)

Oh-no my fav movies

18. října 2011 v 17:39 | DangerZone |  Adorable
No...tak jsem sesmolila už trošku dřív jakýsi článek o dvou skvělých filmech, ke kterým mám určitý citový vztah a abych si to nějak popřeházela a měla o čem kecat při naší hodině angličtiny, když jsme zkoušeni, tak jsem si to napsala a proč to nepublikovat, že :D no nic, jdu na ten referát do dějepisu na Fridricha Velikého v Prusku, ať už to mám z krku :)

Well, I'm supposed to talk about my favourite movie but it's quite difficult to decide which the best is because I have already gggseen a couple of good ones and there is lots of good genres. But in my opinion - one of the greatest pieces is a 2009 romantic comedy called 500 days of Summer. It was directed by Mark Webb and after it's preview it became very popular movie. It's set in Los Angeles and I really liked the atmosphere of the city. The plot was unbelievably catchy. When I said that it's a romantic movie you can think about it as if it was next stupid love story - but it isn't. It's about a boy (Tom) who believes in true love and a girl (Summer) who doesn't. Tom was an architect but now is working in a greeting card company. There he meets Summer and falls in love at first sight - unfortunately Summer is a kind of girl who prefers being on her own and just enjoying her life. I really appreciated the cast. Joseph-Gordong Levitt as Tom and Zooey Deschanel who gggplayed Summer did very well. The oustranding soundtrack is the last part of this perfectly done movie. I would like to recommend it to everybody. The next movie I enjoy watching is Underworld. It's divided into three series (the fourth is being shot) and it talks about a war between vampires and werewolfs. Surprisingly there are some romantic scenes too - there appears a sympathy between a vampire woman Selene (Kate Beckingsale) and a werewolf Michael who would be an ordinary man. Together they fight for freedom of their races and for their love.

True story, bro

16. října 2011 v 22:19 | Danger Zone
Someone once said: "Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay - it's not the end." - this is so deep and so beautiful quote. I'm glad it's weekend and I have plenty of leisure time. I planned drawing and some other activities but one day is looktoo little to manage everything.Sunday was meant to be my "study time" but nothing came out as I expected. And I'm happy because it was so wonderful day - you cannot imagine if you didn't live through it. Great day with your friend instead of swotting. Chatting about fashion, relations, school - this is something what makes my days shiny. Therefore they change their status from "bearable" to "jovial" The only one thing I really miss now is a dog - an eternal friend who is always with you and never leaves. But I'm gonna deal with my parents and I hope I'll persuade them ^^ see ya later.

In pictures

15. října 2011 v 21:29 | Danger Zone |  Adorable
I've found three adorable photos and I simply had to publish them!! Especially the first one is....owhh // Dneska už se mi nic moc nechce sepisovat, ale ty fotky se mi líbily no :D:)


14. října 2011 v 17:43 | Danger Zone

coming soon - Dead Kiss

Future and shoes

12. října 2011 v 22:39 | Danger Zone |  All my drivel
Something went wrong. I mean, what the hell is going on? One day was everything almost perfect and now my life isfffff crashing. Okay - crashing is too strong but I don't know what to do. There's something that still makes me hesitate and be unsure about my decision. And now I'm afraid. What if I don't pass the exam? What if I fail? - I would be so ashamed that I can't imagine what would I do. Omg, my feelings are becoming insane. And to this fear has added a new one. I didn't mention my dreamjob, did I? Well, my plan is to go to the university in Prague (or Brno) - VUT or ČVUT - and study architecture and interior design. And this is the problem. I'm not very conscious about my abilities and think about my future. What if I don't have enough talent. Fortunately I commute to school of art and hope I'll improve my skills. Anyway, I've got really bad feeling. Am I trapped or what? -.-

P.S. Damn!So awesome shoes!

Letter of application and-

11. října 2011 v 22:50 | Danger Zone |  All my drivel
I did it. I sent a letter with my fce application form to the British Institute (does it anybody call like that?) in unnamed city. My life is revolving around vocabularies, phrases (and my rage against our E.teacher!!...actually I'm not sure if it's not despair) But I really like this kind of studying. Which reminds me that I got one in maths today *yahoo* But my pleasure won't last forever because we're writing one test in physics on Friday, one next week on Monday, literature on Mo, geography and German on Mo and that's probably all. But on Tuesday stand in line tests in Math and - wait - we've got just one test on Tue! :O Viva La Gloria! :D Gosh.. can't wait for weekend, I'm so tired -(maybe that means I should go to bed.) If I didn't go to bed so late yesterday, I would be fresh....obviously. Wraum - This article was meant to be about my character or something like that but how I can see plans have changed. Well I won't draw out end and finish - good night ^^

Party people

8. října 2011 v 23:29 | Danger Zone |  All my drivel
Saturday is always time of fun and partying and so was mine today. My weekend is overcrowded with celebrations (dad's, lookfriend's) and I love it. The today's was super-duper. From eating so many kinds of food, meeting people, drinking wine, Jack Daniels whiskey and champagne to watching youtube videos and laughing out loudly. I had fun, yeah. But I'm a little bit sick now.. I've never thought writing in English could be this hard - I've got to make a lot of effort before I think out something which is appropriate and relatively publishable. But I have one news - I decided to take part in the FCE exams. I'm hesitating because it is quite expensive and I'm afraid my abilities aren't as good as it requires but I hope I will manage it. And - one of thoughts in my head - there is minimally one person who is (much) worse than me. Unfortunately and surprisigly it's my contemporary English teacher..(in fact she's got only bachelor's degree and continues with her studies) I don't want to be a nerd and slander anyone here but it totally drives me mad. You don't make a mistane in word information, do you? Using plural (informations) is for me forbidden - hey, for her isn't. Nobody in our English group, consisting of fourteen students, errs so much. I'm so disappointed and unhappy about it. I hope this unfinished business is going to reform.

Welcome to Danger Zone

7. října 2011 v 21:29 All my drivel

What the hell?! - Oh, sorry. I'm a little bit confused by blog.cz because I'd had exactly this web page but deleted it and now...it still works. There's no article but all my pictures from that time are still here. Nevermind... I guess I should present myself to you. I'm Czech and my mother tongue is Czech too but I live for English language and this might be the reason why I decided to take this opportunity and practice what I've learned. People forget everything and I'm not the exception.. ----- So please - I'm begging you - don't curse me for my mistakes because this is the reason why I'm continuing with this site. ---- I hope my plans will come right.
Have a great rest of your day! :)